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3241015412_fe6d52ce77_oNot everyone spells the Thai names of the islands the same way Racha is often  spelled Rajah and Raya. The Phi-Phi Islands are also spelled Pee-Pee. When  reading about local dive-sites It helps to learn a few Thai words Ao means  beach, Ko (or Koh) means Island, Hin means Rock, Yai means large, and Noi means  small.

Racha Yai offers some of the best local year around dive-sites but the  visibility varies as to the season. On the north end of the island are two  beautiful little bays famous for their a deep clear water and colorful coral  formations. Both of them have almost swimming pool features as they gradually  drop to a depth of 40 feet onto a sandy seabed, providing ample opportunities  for both snorkeling and scuba diving. The best diving is off the east coast  where the current allows a gentle drift dive along a sloping rocky face that is  covered with an amazing array of hard corals and the nutrient rich water draws  large schools of tropical fish.