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house_300x120My home is not a resort.  It’s not a hostel.  It’s my actual home where I live.  And I invite you to stay with me while we spend your time here diving our hearts out.  My house is located on a hillside overlooking Kamala Valley.  Each bedroom has air conditioning for those warm nights.  All guests share a large Thai bathroom that is separate from my tiny dinky bathroom.  There are beer and drinks in the fridge for a small fee done on the honor system.  You can also utilize the kitchen as much as you want as long as I get to sample some of the cooking!

IMG_2807You will be treated as our personal guests in our home.  Feel like family in your own private bedroom with King Size Bed and your own private bathroom.  Access to the living room with cable TV and watch the sunrise over the mountains from the patio with your morning coffee.  After a long day of diving, this is a great place to relax and watch the Kamala Valley continue with it’s life beneath the stars.


IMG_2814The patio is the main hangout area.  You can site back and relax taking in the great views of Kamala valley.  In the evenings if everyone wants to chill after a day of diving, we can always head down to grab a selection of Thai dishes to bring back and have dinner on the balcony enjoying the nice cool breezes, the croaks of the geckos, and maybe the rustling of some monkeys.  The views are so nice even Cody and Cowboy loves hanging around the balcony trying to spot some monkeys swinging by.

453ae127_originalLove Thai Cooking?  It’s been said by our guests that Chef Tik makes the best AUTHENTIC Thai food around.  Not your watered down versions you get at the local hotels and tourist restaurants, Chef Tik makes it the way you would get at Thai homes around the country.  On non-dive days expect to be amazed by some awesome foods.  And on every 3rd day, if on a non-dive day, she will even hold a private cooking class with some of her favorite dishes.

Cody and Cowboy on the beachMeet my dogs!  This is Cowboy and Cody.  They are in charge of security and has the run of the house.  Cowboy is the black and white Border Collie and Cody is the Australian Cattle Dog.  Both are American born dogs I brought with me when I moved here.  They are absolutely crazy about the beach and head to the water to swim as soon as they jump out of the truck.

They are also great bed partners.  So if you are missing your pups back home, they will fit the bill nicely.  But be warned that at around 7am, they will start staring at you to will you to wake up.  Don’t know how they do it but it works every time.  Important:  If you don’t like dogs, then my place may not be the best place for you to stay.



Some rules of the house;
No Smoking anywhere near the house.
No illegal drugs of any kind, also anywhere near the house.
Please do not destroy the house.