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A12Koh Phi Phi remains one of the best loved holiday resort destinations in Thailand, not just because of the beautiful beaches, bays and islands made famous by moves such as ‘The Beach’, but also because of the excellent scuba diving that Phi Phi has to offer.

The islands lie in a national marine park and dive sites here differ substantially from the other destinations we offer in Thailand. Here there are dramatic limestone walls decorated with healthy soft corals, gorgonians branching out from the many colourful walls, and dives ending in shallow coral gardens where all manner of marine life frolic among the soft corals and sponges.

Phi Phi Islands diving adventures promise sightings of delightful small creatures such as pipefish, seahorses and razorfish as well as their larger cousins like leopard sharks, reef sharks, crocodile long-toms and turtles. The combination of convenient sites which suit all skill levels, its beautiful movie-set beaches and the laid-back charm of the location makes Koh Phi Phi a delightful spot for divers and their non-diving companions.

Considered by many to be the best site in Phi Phi, Bida Nok is a small cliff islet whose walls plunge dramatically into the sea where they are festooned with soft corals and sponges creating a patchwork of purple, yellow and green. The reef itself is exceptionally healthy and is home to numerous moray eels, bird wrasse and bearded scorpionfish to name a few. Appearances by larger fish are common with leopard sharks and grey reef sharks frequently sighted.

Bida Nai is is another beautiful dive site full of interesting creatures and underwater topography. No sooner will you be in the water than you will be making your way into a swim-through crowded by thousands of tiny glassfish. You will cruise over fields of staghorn coral, looking out for black tip sharks and leopard sharks as well as hunting trevallys enjoying the rich supply of baitfish. End your dive in a delightful shallow reef where cuttlefish, crocodile long-toms and squid will entertain you throughout your safety stop.